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Speech therapist - a word familiar to many children from childhood. Teacher speech therapist - a teacher, he reveals in children speech pathology and finds out the cause of the disturbance of speech. Speech therapy - a science that identifies developmental disorders of speech, help to overcome these violations and alerts through a special corrective training. In 2014, November 14 Day speech therapist.

Every mother wants her child was always surrounded by professionals, whether coach, doctor, hairdresser, teacher. This list is not the last place is occupied by a speech therapist, we are all aware, it is from a speech therapist depends how beautifully and correctly will be talking a little kid. Right speech will help him later in life, I'm sure of it.
Education and work experience.
So you've decided that your kid needs a speech therapist. You first need to determine the order if you are ready to drive themselves to a specialist child to school, or more conveniently, so that he himself came to your home. You need to apply to the beginning of the c children's clinic. Speech therapists also work in commercial and government centers, schools, kindergartens, and of course in private practice.
In my opinion, it is important to have speech therapy was higher pedagogical education. Speech therapy course graduate courses can also be an excellent specialist, but with a probability less than one specialist who graduated.
Experience or age does not always have a special significance when choosing a speech therapist. A young professional can also work very well and with great interest and zeal than seasoned pros of the business. There are moms who say that their child more like a class that holds a young professional. So that the age of the specialist can not be the criterion for selecting a speech therapist.
Nowadays, with the development of the Internet to find a great speech therapist will not be difficult, but understand it will suit your kid is a big question.
This is one of the important points when choosing a specialist. Level of professionalism and a speech therapist evaluates the Certification Commission, it also awards the qualification category of a speech therapist, and decides whether he served. A good therapist has the knowledge to help him in his work, and the ability to apply this knowledge and techniques, as well as a creative approach to its not just a job.
You have a legitimate question. How can an ordinary person to understand what he was talking with a qualified speech therapist? Experienced specialist your kid may recommend a consultation with a neurologist, neurologist, psychiatrist, audiologist or conduct additional tests, such as an electroencephalogram. This is a good sign and it means that a person with due regard to the child belongs. There are some disorders in which requires an integrated approach, ie the joint efforts of doctors and teachers. With this approach, they achieve the greatest success.
Whether to take a speech therapist warranty?
If you are from the first minute speech therapist ensures good results at the end of lessons, you should take these words with great care, especially if your baby severe developmental disorders - Nasality, stuttering , autistic traits, intellectual impairment, gross underdevelopment of speech. This speech therapist you can guarantee is that it will apply as a specialist necessary techniques and a lot of effort to achieve a good result. Unfortunately, there are some speech disorders that professionals manage only partially correct.
No need to rush completely trust a speech therapist that you will offer exotic methods of treatment, for example, the miracle apparatus, not known to anybody massage, biological additives that are added to food, etc. Let him present you with a complete documentation about the new product, and then consulted with the doctor.
The opinion of your child.
Many moms say so important to the child liked classes. Watch carefully to classes not turned into entertainment. Look, there are games developing character, and if the result of eating. If your child repeats selflessly new words for a speech therapist, then this is the expert who will help your child. But if crumb screams: "I'm not going to do, I do not want!" Do not need to do right conclusions about the professionalism is not a speech therapist. Perhaps crumbs just need to get used to a new person. But if it is for two or three sessions protests, and a teacher at a loss, it is a call to look for another specialist.
Tact and courtesy.
A good therapist with a child find a common language and not least with his parents. It's nice when a speech therapist:
1) and tactful, even if the kid has learning difficulties he had a child does not say that he is stupid, lazy, and parents - "it's my job, I know myself, I fix it to your child";
2) not to bore you on everyday topics with their conversations, which are not related to his work;
3) There will condemn their colleagues and their students and their parents.
Punctuality and accuracy.
It will not hurt to pay attention to how neat specialist. Before I begin my lesson with your child wash his hands neat speech therapist. Benefit speech therapist should look carefully, that is not torn and crumpled, all materials must be ordered and do not require a long search. Every conscientious therapist his tools he needed in his work keeps in good order - it must before starting probes, which he uses for speech therapy massage or statement sounds wipe them with alcohol. If it is for the production of sound P it uses a pacifier, then it must be an individual and new. Keep it at home in a clean place.
A good specialist at your meeting will always come on time, or when you came to him at the reception he will always be in place and will warn you in advance, if you change the schedule. Also a good therapist will not often change the classroom and change already agreed prices.
Responsibility of the parties.
A good therapist before each class prepared, selects the desired exercise, prints, toys, bars for graphic work and he has all this is at hand. If a speech therapist for a long time and often treats the book and looking at her desired job, so he did not pay due time to prepare for the lesson. And in the end time is set aside to engage with the child, will be partially lost on organizational issues.
Parents, it is important to remember that before you judge the work of a speech therapist, they should know that half the success of sessions with a speech therapist depends on the parents. Speech therapist always gives the child homework and asks that parents and their children performed their home - it does not mean that he wants to shift the work for you! Homework and their implementation - one of the necessary conditions that must be carried out under the supervision and with the help of parents. Drawn up in class a new skill quickly forgotten and must be secured. If you do not manage, not enough time or your child does not listen to you, then wait for instant results from classes you should not.
To get the fastest results you dear parents have to deal with a speech therapist every day, if you will allow the family budget and a specialist will be free schedule.
Each person has different values ??in life. There are mothers who are nice when therapist dressed immaculately and followed by the trail of expensive fragrances, it comes at a good car with the baby coos and creates an aura of well-being and prosperity. Another mother prefers that a woman with a child engaged in a rigorous and demanding. For the third mother is a very important criterion for a great experience in the business. For the fourth - a small price for the service. All mothers their way speech therapist, and each expert has their own personal style of work you dear parents only need to find one another. But the most important in speech therapy is the end result of the development of speech of your baby.
A few points about how to understand that before you a good teacher speech therapist.
1) The most important thing to do is excreted rapidly and do not need to run from a speech therapist to a speech therapist in hopes of finding better. Try to attend classes, help speech therapist, doing home with the child.
2) You can recommend a speech therapist parents who were engaged with the teacher and the class with the child to be successful.
3) When talking with a speech therapist, you will realize that he can answer all your questions.
4) at the first lesson you will see how much good it is to communicate with your child, if he could explain the job and ensure that your child has fulfilled it. Positive attitude, interest in the child, organize a game to be inherent in a speech therapist.
5) After the lesson the teacher will he have to tell you how it went and what happened or did not happen, give homework.

Thank you for reading the article Speech before the end if you need advice speech therapist contact, and for your kids cartoon and show their kids more children's themed pictures - it will definitely help in their development.

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